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Wedding Services


1 + 1 = 1

When 2 Become 1

Wedding Proposal


While a stunning wedding journey started from a very great beginnings, a thoughtful and surprising wedding proposal is essential gives a couple a memorable moments to be remembered and be shared with their guests during the wedding day banquet. If you intend to give an unforgettable proposal to your dearest but yet to have any clue, contact us for an idea and go for it!

Wedding Planning


It is not easy for a couple to prepare all of the required items for a wedding banquet, expecially a business man/women like you.


We provide the wide range of wedding services including on-the-day planning, Pre-Wedding planning, overseas wedding planning. Send us what you expect you wedding will be and we will go get it for you!

Emcee Service


Our Professional Emcee team served with trilingual lanuages including Cantonese, Mandarin and English. We also provide the rundown design and logistics planning support for the wedding day banquet. 

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